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Registration and Payment

No payment on site

Accompanying person fees will cover (only) coffee and tea breaks, welcome reception, and lunch.

Payment Methods:

  1. Cash payment, Department of Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Egypt.

  1. Money transfer
    1. (National level inside Egypt) through Post office to Mohamed Mohamed Abdelfattah Yacout, National ID No. 25403081500756
    2. (International level from outside Egypt) to

bank account Swift Code: NBEGEGCX207

                             Bank’s Name: National Bank of Egypt


                             Alexandria University Branch

                            Beneficiary’ Name: Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Abd Elfattah Yacout Mirza


                            International Bank Account Number (IBAN): 36201100999


                            TEL: 002 03 4850 924

                            FAX: 002 03 4863 182